Saturday, October 12, 2013

Minion Birthday Part 2!

I am well into the throes of planning H's first birthday party, so here is what I have been doing!

We're gonna have dog bowls filled with the cookies the girls are sellin' in the first movie (Caramel Clumpies, Minty Mints, Choco Swirlies, Coconutties, Toffee Totes).  I've decided to hit our local grocery store for brand name cookies that are similar.

Despicable Me name       Brand name*
Caramel Clumpies           Chips Ahoy! Sweet 'n Salty Salted Caramel Chunks
Minty Mints                     GIANT foodstores brand Fudge Mint Cookies**
Choco Swirlies                Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate
Coconutties                      GIANT foodstores brand Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies**
Toffee Totes***              Keebler Sandies Toffee

*I have not been paid by any of these companies, I'm just posting these so you don't have to spend as much time scouring the shelves as I did.  Cheers!
**I went the inexpensive route with these, but there are some name brands that make the same sort of thing.
***Technically, they're supposed to be covered in chocolate, but I couldn't find any other cookie in stores that included toffee.  If you find something, let me know!

If you are inclined to bake, this lovely blog shares the recipes from the DVD extras menu and also provided the inspiration for my own cookie labels.

Just cut and fold in half!

And what about Father/Son Minion hats? Oh yeeeah!

Finally, I found small reusable bags in blue and yellow at the dollar store to use as favor bags (for the kids only).  I'll fill them with tutus for the girls (check out these for less than $1 each on Amazon!), Gru scarves for the boys (I crocheted them myself, just sc alternating black and grey yarn until it was as wide and long as I wanted), and blaster guns with balls for everyone.  We'll use these suckers to play the "shoot the spaceship" carnival game from the movie.  I got the idea from here!

So here is my Dollar Store list so far:
  • Blaster guns
  • Small "canvas" bags
  • Blue dog bowls
  • Medium sized ball for "minion bowling" (stay tuned for a how-to!)
  • Yellow table cloths
  • Blue and yellow crepe paper (2/$1!!)
I did briefly consider getting fluffy unicorns as prizes for the kids, but I'll probably skip this to save a bit of cash.  However, I found this great deal on bulk plush unicorns that would do the job on the Birthday Express website!

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