Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Baby Basket for Mommy, Too!

A friend of mine is about three weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.  We both have been lamenting the lack of adult beverages this whole year so far, so I decided to create a gift for her that she could crack open once the baby is born.

I started from this 21st birthday basket on pinterest.  Here's what I came up with:

What I used to create it:

  • A flower pot from the dollar store
  • Tissue paper from dollar store wrapped around and taped on inside of the pot and a white ribbon tied around the top.
  • Fake flower arrangement sponge from the dollar store placed in the center
  • Blue and green river rocks from the dollar store to hold down the sponge
  • Flower sticks from Michael's wrapped with pipe cleaners (about 3 to 4 per stick with a few inches free at end) stuck in the sponge
  • Travel sized spirits and baby things from Babies 'R Us - ends of pipe cleaners were wrapped around the neck and any tabs available on the toys/clothes 
  • A yoda rattle I sewed myself!  I used this tutorial as a jumping-off point (I used fabric instead of felt, which ended up being a bit harder because I had to sew around the edge several times which was ANNOYING when I had the filling in it!  Ah well, it turned out ok anyways!).

NOTE:  this basket did NOT travel well!  It ended up falling over in the car and I had to pick up all the rocks that had fallen under the seat.  However, that was probably due to my lack of preparation rather than a problem with the actual finished project.  But be warned that you should put it in your car in a way that it won't move!

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